60 Easy Ways to Go Plastic-Free in July

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* *Before you read this full list, this is your moment to remind yourself that one tiny little Eco Friendly step at a time is what gets us to the finish line. Going completely plastic-free may be a long term goal, but that’s not where most ofContinue reading “60 Easy Ways to Go Plastic-Free in July”

Zero Waste Tip #15: Reducing Coffee Waste at Home

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* Trying to reduce waste but not quite ready to abandon your morning coffee routine? Here are some tips for lowering your coffee waste at home! ☕️ Buy coffee beans in bulk or in recyclable packaging to reduce packaging waste. ☕️ Opt for a manual coffee makerContinue reading “Zero Waste Tip #15: Reducing Coffee Waste at Home”

A Reflection: Could Eco Friendly Living be Biblical?

Over the past several months, I’ve pondered what implications the Christian walk should have on an Eco Friendly lifestyle and vice versa. What does God think about the time and effort I’ve put into writing this blog, researching healthier product swaps, and my striving to care for the Earth and the people in it? WillContinue reading “A Reflection: Could Eco Friendly Living be Biblical?”

My Favorite Eco Friendly Household Swaps

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* A big part of my journey into an Eco Friendly lifestyle has been educating myself about product ingredients and learning to make better choices for the Earth on a macro-level, but also for a cleaner & more toxin-free environment at home on a micro-level. But let meContinue reading “My Favorite Eco Friendly Household Swaps”

Zero Waste Tip #14: Keep Yourself Motivated

14. Keep yourself motivated on your zero waste journey with an in-depth study on your recycling and trash facilities. Forewarning, though – this late night research paper might just rock your world. If you’re lacking in motivation to keep up your zero waste goals, just block off a few hours one evening, pour yourself aContinue reading “Zero Waste Tip #14: Keep Yourself Motivated”

Tips for Including Kids In Your Eco Friendly Life

Imagine a world where Eco Friendly Living was normal because “that’s what my mom always did.” That dream is why I write this blog. My hope for my two boys is that their journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle will be a simple journey, because I do the hard work for them on the front end.Continue reading “Tips for Including Kids In Your Eco Friendly Life”

Eco Friendly Minimalist: Bathroom Edition

Minimalism is often described as the answer to jam-packed closets, the overflowing junk drawer, or the hectic pile of boxes in the garage. But if you really want to evaluate whether or not you’re a true minimalist, head over to your bathroom. If your heart is really in it, your bathroom will easily follow suite,Continue reading “Eco Friendly Minimalist: Bathroom Edition”

Master List of Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* Throughout my search for healthy and eco-friendly personal care products, I’ve tried quite a few that were amazing and nearly as many terrible ones. So I thought it might be helpful to compile a master list of my favorite products that are available on Amazon, inContinue reading “Master List of Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon”

Zero Waste Tip #13: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* 13. Exchange plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner for the bar version of the same! Want to hear my #1 tip for switching over to bars of shampoo and conditioner? When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! 🙂 Think about all the brands ofContinue reading “Zero Waste Tip #13: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars”

Clean Beauty Part 3: My Favorite Toxin Free Makeup

Welcome back to my blog series on Clean Beauty! If you missed my previous posts, please hop over and read Clean Beauty: What’s In Your Makeup Products and Clean Beauty Part 2: What I Discovered in My Makeup Products, as they provide some background information on what prompted me to become more mindful about potentiallyContinue reading “Clean Beauty Part 3: My Favorite Toxin Free Makeup”