60 Easy Ways to Go Plastic-Free in July

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*Before you read this full list, this is your moment to remind yourself that one tiny little Eco Friendly step at a time is what gets us to the finish line. Going completely plastic-free may be a long term goal, but that’s not where most of us start.

Instead, browse the following list and write down 2-3 steps that sound EASIEST. Start with those. Once you get them down, come back to the list and choose one more. Then repeat.

  1. Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store.
  2. Bring reusable produce bags to hold your fruits and veggies.
  3. Always select individual fruits and veggies instead of those wrapped in plastic.
  4. Instead of buying frozen veggies in plastic bags, buy fresh and freeze them yourself.
  5. Look for local milk packaged in glass bottles, if available.
  6. Shop the bulk section at your natural grocery store, if available.
  7. Use silicone sandwich bags instead of traditional ziploc bags.
  8. Bring your own coffee mug to a coffee shop (more details here).
  9. Make your own coffee at home with a Bialetti coffee pot or french press (more details here).
  10. Select loose-leaf teas instead of plastic tea bags.
  11. Choose stainless steel reusable straws instead of plastic ones.
  12. Use a glass reusable water bottle.
  13. Look for stainless steel kids cups instead of plastic cups.
  14. Opt for compostable paper plates instead of plastic plates, or just use real plates!
  15. Clean baby after meals with washcloths instead of paper towels (which usually come packaged in plastic).
  16. Reuse glass food jars for storing leftovers.
  17. Use beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap.
  18. Opt for stainless steel in the kitchen (for mixing bowls, measuring spoons, measuring cups, colanders, etc.)
  19. Use a dish soap bar in zero waste packaging for washing dishes.
  20. Find a natural and biodegradable dish sponge.
  21. Use a Norwex microfiber cloth to clean your kitchen with just water and ditch the plastic bottles of cleaners (and all those toxic chemicals too)!
  22. Compost your food scraps to use in your garden instead of giant plastic bags of potting soil or mulch.
  23. Use a glass water pitcher when entertaining guests instead of a plastic pitcher.
  24. Order silk dental floss in a glass jar.
  25. Choose bamboo for your next toothbrush.
  26. Select skincare packaged in glass bottles (read more here).
  27. Select mascara packaged in a glass tube instead of plastic (read more here).
  28. Select lip gloss packaged in glass (read more here).
  29. Select foundation packaged in glass bottles. [Join my Eco Friendly Momming Facebook Group to learn more about my favorite eco-friendly and toxin free makeup brand!!]
  30. Use coconut oil from your kitchen pantry to remove eye makeup.
  31. Use reusable cotton rounds or a soft cloth to remove makeup.
  32. Look for plastic-free hair ties or a fabric scrunchie.
  33. Choose a wooden hairbrush over plastic.
  34. Choose a wooden comb over plastic.
  35. Find a hairspray in glass packaging.
  36. Buy shampoo bars in zero waste packaging.
  37. Buy conditioner bars in zero waste packaging.
  38. Opt for hand soap bars instead of plastic soap bottles.
  39. Look for plastic-free bandages.
  40. Use cloth diapers for diapering your baby.
  41. Use cloth wipes for diapering your baby.
  42. Choose glass baby bottles instead of plastic.
  43. Look for a baby pacifier made of 100% silicone.
  44. Look for children’s toys made of wood or fabric, and always check for used toys before buying new, to reduce plastic packaging waste.
  45. Find reusable nursing pads instead of plastic disposable nursing pads.
  46. Shop for reusable menstrual pads.
  47. Start shaving with a safety razor instead of a plastic razor – I love mine from EcoRoots!
  48. Choose a wooden toilet brush instead of plastic.
  49. Buy toilet paper wrapped in paper instead of plastic.
  50. Select a powder laundry detergent that is packaged without plastic.
  51. Use a soap stick for removing laundry stains, instead of a plastic spray bottle full of chemicals.
  52. Use wool dryer balls instead of laundry sheets.
  53. For jewelry, invest in quality items made of stainless steel, gold or silver, instead of multiple cheaper jewelry items made of plastic.
  54. Buy clothing made of all-natural fabrics, such as linen, wool, or organic cotton; try to avoid polyester (which is made of plastic).
  55. Buy a reusable face mask to combat COVID-19, rather than disposable masks made of plastic.
  56. Shop from local businesses when possible to avoid plastic shipping materials.
  57. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, select “Amazon Day” shipping option to combine your orders’ shipments and reduce packaging waste.
  58. Bring your own food storage container to restaurants for bringing home leftovers.
  59. Keep a reusable cutlery set in your car to use for carry-out food, instead of disposable plastic utensils.
  60. Rent movies online or use a monthly subscription service (Netflix, Disney+, etc) instead of filling your shelves with plastic DVD and BluRay containers.

Please leave a comment if you have any plastic-free swaps to add, or share how it goes if you decide to swap something out! I love hearing from you all! 🙂

One thought on “60 Easy Ways to Go Plastic-Free in July

  1. I LOVE this list. We are planning to start a compost pile, my grandparents have a worm bin and I would love to adopt the use of that. I wish we could use reusable bags, I have a bunch. However, here in NH they totally banned them from use in our grocery stores because of COVID. Perhaps next year I will put them to good use.

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