Zero Waste Tip #15: Reducing Coffee Waste at Home

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Trying to reduce waste but not quite ready to abandon your morning coffee routine? Here are some tips for lowering your coffee waste at home!

☕️ Buy coffee beans in bulk or in recyclable packaging to reduce packaging waste.

☕️ Opt for a manual coffee maker (such as a French-Press) or a stovetop coffee maker! We personally use a Bialetti stovetop coffee maker and really love it. These methods completely eliminate the need for a coffee filter.

☕️ Avoid single-use coffee pods. If you regularly use a Keurig coffee machine, swap the disposable pods out for a reusable one.

☕️ Avoid single-use coffee filters. If you’re attached to your traditional coffee pot, opt for one that has a built in coffee filter or purchase a reusable filter! Here’s an idea from Amazon, but you’d need to make sure the dimensions fit in your specific coffee pot.

☕️ Compost your coffee grounds. They’re rich in nitrogen, which is an essential element for a successful compost bin.

☕️ If you’re a latte lover, try your hand at making your own lattes at home to reduce waste from disposable coffee cups (or read my other blog post here about simply bringing a reusable coffee mug)! Here’s a little collection of everything I use for my homemade lattes:

Each of these little changes may seem insignificant, but imagine if the entire coffee industry was revolutionized by the zero waste movement!

Our individual purchases speak volumes, and when we as consumers speak up with our purchases, corporations start to take notice and global change is sparked.

Happy Brewing! Comment below with your favorite zero waste coffee tips – we’re all in this together!

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