Zero Waste Tip #12: Eye Makeup Remover

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12. Stop buying eye makeup removers in plastic bottles or disposable wipes wrapped in plastic; instead, use coconut oil and reusable cotton rounds!

Sometimes the zero waste swaps that you’re most hesitant to make end up being the ones you love the most!

This was the case for me with eye makeup remover. As I journeyed into the zero waste movement, I began to trade out the plastic bottles in my bathroom for products with less waste: hand soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash.

But there was no obvious solution for eye makeup remover. I couldn’t just switch to the same product in bar form, and the zero waste shops I found online didn’t seem to have good alternatives. Finally, I stumbled across a blogger who nonchalantly stated that she used coconut oil, so when I ran out of my beloved Neutrogena Oil-Free Gentle Eye Makeup remover, I decided to give it a try.

And what do ya know — it worked! A tiny amount on my eyelids was enough to completely remove all of my eye shadow, black eyeliner, and waterproof mascara. To use, simply rub all over the eyelid, and then wipe off with a soft, dry washcloth OR these reusable cotton rounds.

Pro Tip: While coconut oil works great as an eye makeup remover, I don’t recommend it as a replacement for face wash, because it can clog pores when applied to the entire face. If you’re looking for a zero waste face wash/cleanser, check out Ethique’s Eco-Friendly Face Cleansing Bar for Normal-Dry Skin on Amazon. It’s one of my absolute favorites!

Lifestyle Benefit: If you’ve already got coconut oil in your pantry, you won’t even have to purchase a new product. If you don’t, try to select coconut oil that comes in a glass jar, like this one from Amazon! (Click here to read about why glass is a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging). Some natural grocery stores also sell coconut oil in the bulk goods section, so you can bring your own jar to fill up!

This is also another zero waste money saver! Purchasing 50 makeup wipes on Amazon will cost around $10, which is $0.20 per wipe. If you use one per day, that’s $73 dollars you’ll still have in your bank account every year (or about $60 if you buy 2 jars of coconut oil – probably way more than you’ll need!).

Earth Benefit: Disposable makeup wipes and plastic packaging from makeup removers are a big component of our global waste pollution problem. Where do those innocent-looking wipes go when you toss them in the trash? They don’t just disappear, and it can take a lifetime for them to biodegrade, so that means every makeup wipe you’ve ever used is probably still sitting in a landfill somewhere.

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