Zero Waste Tip #7: Reusable Water Bottles

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7. Say no to single-use plastic water bottles.

There really is no excuse for this one, unless you live somewhere with literally no access to clean drinking water. When you think of waste pollution, the number one type of trash that most people think of is plastic water bottles. They’re taking over our oceans, washing up on beaches, and marring beautiful landscapes in every country across the world.

Zero Waste Tip #7: Stop using single-use plastic water bottles.

Pro Tip: Think about the qualities you want in a reusable water bottle before you purchase one! If you’re sporty and want something easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, try out a Nalgene bottle. If you’re constantly grabbing water bottles from the fridge because you prefer drinking water cold, this insulated water bottle is a perfect replacement! Even better than purchasing one? Use any water bottle or cup you already own, OR shop for one at a local thrift store to cut down on packaging waste.

Lifestyle Benefit: Switching to a reusable water bottle is a money saver! An online article released by Harvard University, “Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water,” states:

“Bottled water is about 3,000 percent more expensive per gallon than tap water… [even though] bottled water generally is no cleaner, or safer, or healthier than tap water.”

In other words, when you buy single-use plastic water bottles, you’re paying more money for a product of equal value to what you already have free access to. Every single bottle of water that you purchase is a waste of money. Every. Single. One. If you spend $3.50 on a pack of 20 water bottles at the grocery store, congratulations! You’ve just needlessly spend $3.50! Doesn’t it sound foolish when you look at it that way?

According to, the average American spends $100/year on bottled water. That could be the easiest $100 you’ve ever saved, simply by remembering to bring your own water bottle with you! Not to mention – reusable water bottles are sturdier, don’t leak chemicals into your water over time, and can reflect your personality and hobbies!

Earth Benefit: If you’re looking for a Saturday night Netflix or Amazon Prime movie recommendation, check out Blue Planet II. My husband and I recently watched this documentary, and I can’t think of a better way to persuade anyone to start caring about how we treat the Earth. The final episode addresses plastic pollution and how drastically it’s impacting the globe, so why don’t you start with that one!

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