Zero Waste Tip #5: Cloth Diapers

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5. Trade disposable diapers for cloth diapers.

Somehow this often falls at the bottom (no pun intended) of people’s lists for how to transition to zero waste, and I admit, it took me a while to jump on board. I used disposable diapers with my first son, and I remember the huge weight that lifted off my shoulders when I decided to not go with cloth diapers.

What do I wish I could go back and tell myself two years ago? There are enough AMAZING reasons to choose cloth diapers; you don’t have to do it just because you feel bad about all the disposables sitting in the landfill (although that’s an important fact to consider). Let the guilt and pressure go, but still choose cloth.

Here are just a few positive reasons to be in favor of cloth:

1. It’s a decent investment on the front end, but this is probably the biggest money saver in the whole realm of zero waste swaps.

Stay with me while I do the math for you: A box of Pampers at Walmart costs $39.76 for 148 diapers, which is approximately $0.27 per diaper. So if you use 8 disposable diapers a day for 2.5 years (912 days), that’s 7,296 diapers x $0.27 = $1969.92.

Now, say you spend $500 on cloth diapers, and $200 on laundry detergent (both generous estimates), you’ve STILL saved $1269.92 over the course of diapering your child! That itself is worth the switch, in my opinion!

And to sweeten the deal even more – if you’re a first time mom, you can put cloth diapers on your registry and let friends and family buy them for you! 😉

2. Cloth diapers are infinitely cuter! So many fun colors and patterns to choose from. Just look at how cute these GroVia O.N.E. diapers would be on your own sweet babe! 😍

Zero Waste Tip #5: Start using cloth diapers.
Here are some of the GroVia O.N.E. cloth diapers that I recently bought! Each came with two inserts – a large one that we’ve been using during the day, and a smaller insert to increase the absorbency if needed.

3. Because they’re not disposable, you’ll never run out of cloth diapers and have to make a mad dash to the grocery store before bedtime to ensure you’ve got something to cover your baby’s bottom (as long as you’ve got a large enough stash and wash them within the recommended amount of time).

4. Cloth diapers are made with less ingredients (no fragrances, no chemicals to add absorbency, no inks or other additives). Even though claims that all their ingredients are tested and completely safe, I’d guess that the cloth diapers still come out on top when it comes to the quality of materials you’re placing on your baby’s skin. [Disclaimer: I did use Pampers Swaddlers on my firstborn with no problems! If you’re going to pick a disposable diaper, they’re a win in my book!]

If you’re convinced and ready to join me, please like this post and leave me a comment! I’ve only recently begun my cloth diaper journey, so I’d love to hear any and all tips of the trade. Once I get a little more experience under my belt, I’ll type out another post to share my thoughts on the GroVia O.N.E. diapers and their cloth wipes (see photos with links above)!

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