Zero Waste Tip #1: Reusable Grocery Bags

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Hi, Hannah here! I wanted to share some of the easy first steps I took towards a more eco friendy lifestyle. These are great if you want to venture into the zero waste (or low waste) world but aren’t sure where to start! My recommendation is to just pick one tip that seems doable, integrate it into your life, and don’t move on to another until you’ve completed that one.

  1. Start grocery shopping with reusable bags.
Zero Waste Tip #1: Start shopping with reusable grocery bags.
I purchased 3 of these cute reusable bags at Walmart for just $1.25 each, and so far they’ve lasted for over 2 years! The produce bag was a gift, but it can be purchased on Amazon here.

This change is way easier than you think it is. Next time you go grocery shopping, purchase 2-4 reusable bags. Scan those first when you check out and put the rest of your groceries in them! OR even better, use 2-4 large bags that you already have at home. Who says they have to be “grocery” bags?

Pro Tip: The hardest part of this lifestyle change is remembering the bags when you go to the store, so start a habit of putting the bags back in your car after your groceries are unpacked! I keep mine folded up in the pocket of my drivers’ side door, right where I can see them as I get out of the car at the grocery store. Once you get into this habit, it’s as easy as grabbing the bags and putting them into your purse once you get to the store. Inevitably you’ll forget them at first, but slowly it will become a habit that you hardly have to think about!

Lifestyle Benefits: I LOVE shopping with reusable bags! Reusable bags are so much sturdier than their plastic counterparts, so they hold more without breaking. No more doubling up on bags when you need to carry a gallon of milk or several cans of soup! Whereas previously I’d have 10-20 plastic grocery bags to haul in from the car to my kitchen, now I usually have only 3-4 for several days worth of groceries. It reduces so much clutter, and you don’t have to gather all the plastic bags and find a place to stash them.

Earth Benefits: If you use the same 4 bags at the grocery store for one year, you could keep over 1000 plastic grocery bags out of the landfill or our oceans! (Estimate based on 20 plastic bags per week x 52 weeks = 1040 plastic bags per year.)

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