About the Blog

About the Eco Friendly Momming Blog: Tips on all things Zero Waste, Sustainable Living, Minimalism

One tiny green step at a time.

That’s all it takes.

The moment I typed “eco-friendly,” “zero waste,” “sustainable,” “minimalist,” or “green living” into my search bar and hit enter, an overwhelming barrage of data and opinions flooded my screen.

Everything. Everything I needed to change. Everything I was doing wrong. All the products that were poisening my home, my children, my skin, and seeping into the Earth.

So what happens next? This is the turning point. Either you turn wistfully away and think…

  • “I’ll never be able to get there.”
  • “No way can I fit all my trash into that tiny mason jar.”
  • “I can’t afford to get rid of all my cleaning products just because they score an 8 on the toxicity scale.”
  • “The KonMari method is far too complicated to maintain long-term.”
  • “Sustainable fashion choices just aren’t available for my body type.”

OR you take the plunge. Dive deep into the murky waters and attempt to discern truth and implement change.

This is my passion. If you find yourself at the turning point, I want to grab your hand and walk you one tiny green step at a time into an Eco Friendly Momming lifestyle that will positively impact your future for as long as you walk on Planet Earth.

It should be simple.

Long term change happens slowly. Don’t try to change it all at once, but start consistently changing. I’m not guaranteeing to change your life. Only YOU can do that. But if you want to start the process, I want to give you a few tips.

I’ll start where I began about 3 years ago. I’ll share where I am today, how I got from there to here, and where I dream of going. Stay tuned, and please leave a comment to let me know you’re reading or if you have specific questions for me!

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